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Question #91395 posted on 05/26/2018 9:48 p.m.

Dear Petra,

Time is short, I know, but would you tell us a little bit about what you liked about Malta?



Dear Olympus,

In under the wire! So I wouldn’t say that Malta is my favorite travel destination of all time, but we had a blast there and I’ve been recommending it to people since. Some of the highlights:

  • It’s small, so you can easily see the whole island in just a few days 
  • Good public transportation, so you don’t have to rent a car
  • Great food, especially if you like seafood—but if you’re like me and you don’t you can still enjoy all manner of pastries
  • Lots of historical attractions from many different eras; I expected to (and did) enjoy the medieval Arab towns, but I was also impressed by the baroque architecture of Valletta and the megalithic temples like Hagar Qim
  • It’s English-speaking, which made navigating it fairly easy, but also Maltese-speaking, so you get to listen to a foreign language (and such an interesting one, too!)
  • The scenery on the island itself isn’t the greatest, but the Mediterranean is gorgeous and there are lots of good swimming spots
  • It’s close to other places that are interesting (we used it as a jumping-off point to visit Tunisia and Sicily)

I recently recommended it to my cousin and his wife for a trip with their one year old, and they really enjoyed it too, so I guess it‘s also kid friendly. (I was four months pregnant when we visited so it’s fetus-friendly too...which mostly meant that we could find tasty snacks quite readily.)

I hope you make it there someday!

- Petra