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Question #91398 posted on 05/30/2018 8:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why is Board Question #91374 categorized under "Animals - Dogs"?

- inquiring minds want to know


Dear person,

M.O.D.A.Q. was at it again.



Dear Inquiring,

It was me.

Here's the thing: because of the way the Board's system is set up, answers don't post unless they're tagged to a category. However, we can't just assign them to any category that makes sense for the question; we have to scroll through a predetermined list of categories and choose from there. Because that list was made years ago, though, and probably the only way to update it is through a whole Board revamp, it's a little outdated. For example, one of the categories is Literature-Children's-Harry Potter, even though we don't receive all that many Harry Potter questions in this day and age. And it's also missing important categories that we DO receive a lot of questions about, like Mental Health and Internet. And because for whatever reason I end up assigning categories to a large portion of the questions we receive, I sometimes get bored of scrolling through the entire list of possible tags, so I channel M.O.D.A.Q. and just do Animals-Dogs for questions that don't really fit any of the categories super well. It's like an inside joke with myself.

Apparently I don't do it frequently enough to be reprimanded, but believe you me, that question was far from the only one to be posted under Animals-Dogs when it's not about Animals-Dogs.