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Question #91414 posted on 06/03/2018 1:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What minors at BYU can be completed in one semester? Maybe in the realm of humanities/literature/art/history...are there any at all??? I just need credits and would like them to be semi productive.

-Useless Credit Stacking


Dear UCS,

  1. Africana Studies (18 credits)
  2. Anthropology (16 credits)
  3. Asian Studies (12+ credits and can only be done if you already speak an Asian language)
  4. Communications (15 credits)
  5. Design (16 credits)
  6. Digital Humanities and Technology (18 credits)
  7. English (18 credits)
  8. European Studies (15 hours and only if you already meet GE requirements for a European language)
  9. Family Life (15 credits)
  10. History (18 credits)
  11. International Development (18 credits)
  12. Latin American Studies (15 credits and only if you meet the GE requirement for Spanish or Portuguese)
  13. Middle East Studies (12 credits and only if you already speak second-year Arabic, modern Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish)
  14. Military Science (16 credits and only if you're contracted in ROTC)
  15. Scandinavian Studies (12+ credits and only if you already speak a Scandinavian language)
  16. Sociology (15 credits)
  17. Tourism Studies (18 credits)
  18. Urban & Regional Planning (18 credits)
  19. Western American Studies (18 credits)

These 19 minors all fall within the limits of a regular semester (18 or fewer credits) and technically don't have any prerequisites that you need to fulfill before entering the program. Whether or not all the required classes would be offered within 1 semester is another question, so some of these may not actually be possible in a specific semester. It's also questionable whether a student could reasonably handle taking 18 credits worth of one class type in one semester (I personally had a panic attack in a closet at work the semester I took 3 History courses at once). So proceed with caution, and maybe listen to Tipperary's advice below.




Dear Stack,

In my opinion using your classes productively and earning a minor aren't necessarily the same thing. I'll talk about what I think would be a productive use of credits at the end of my answer, but first I'll answer your original question.

The quickest minor to complete heavily depends on what classes you've already taken. For example engineering students are already required to take a bunch of math classes, so they can pick up a math minor with just 1-2 classes. Your best bets are going to be minors that share classes with your major, or something that you've already taken a few classes in.

The real barrier isn't going to be the number of credits in the minor, it's the series of prerequisites. For example, the computer science minor is 19 credits but is impossible to complete in less than 4 semesters because the classes build off each other. It's still possible that some of the majors Luciana listed can be completed in a semester, but like she mentioned it still might not possible in a specific semester.

Personally, I think getting a minor just for the purpose of minor isn't the most productive thing to do. There are so many valuable classes that you can take to learn valuable workplace skills. You could take public speaking, an advanced writing class, a coding class, a course on leadership, or a business class etc. A minor might be good on your resume, but there are critical workplace skills you can improve with just a class or two. 

Also, college is one of the few times where you can take classes just for personal enjoyment and growth. You could learn a language, take a personal finance class, delve into astronomy or literature, or finally learn to play the guitar. College is a veritable cornucopia of knowledge and opportunity. Don't let it go to waste. Spend some time looking through the course catalog finding classes that will be meaningful and valuable to you personally instead of trying to jump through hoops to get a minor that won't really matter in the long run. This is your chance, now go out there and seize the day!

*steps off soap box

Hope this helps! Enjoy your last semester. Good luck making the most of it.