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Question #91416 posted on 06/04/2018 1:24 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

While reading Board Question #91278, I followed a link in Professor Kirke's answer to Board Question #91292. Or rather, I tried to follow it . . . because it took me to an error page that said

"You tried to go to /questions/91292/.
You're not allowed to view that page.

In this case, I assume the link didn't work because the question hadn't posted yet at the time I clicked the link. But it reminded me of a couple rare instances in my browsing of the archives when I've tried to visit a linked question from years ago, only to receive an identical error message. My assumption in this case is that the question in question (ha ha) has been deleted, either before or after posting.

Searching the archives revealed some information about why a question might be deleted before posting (duplicate question, the reader requested the deletion, question violates guidelines, etc.), but I'm curious: has a question ever been deleted AFTER posting and being answered? If so, what factors influenced the editors' decision?

- Fig Wineshine


Dear Fig Wineshine,

Although not at all common, it has happened on at least a few occasions that we've deleted an answered question after posting (or some might say, post posting). The instances I'm aware of have had to do with very specific reader requests about certain questions they submitted, due to extenuating circumstances they explained to us. Generally we avoid deleting posted questions, and requests to delete old questions will usually not be fulfilled unless someone has an exceptionally compelling reason, but under the right circumstances we at least consider it. While that's a vague answer, I can't give you any more details without violating reader privacy about what sorts of experiences will lead us to delete a question.

-An Editor