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Question #91427 posted on 06/12/2018 7:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So our spirits look like our bodies right? But our bodies look like what they’re genetically programmed to look like. Do any of you guys see a problem with that. It just seems fatalistic because did God know who we’d eventually have kids with and pre determine what our spirits would look like but then how does that factor in our ability to choose a spouse. Does every spirit look like it’s body? Do spirits change their look inside a certain body? Do our spirits use certain genetic material that’s available to make a body that looks like their spirit body? Spirits looking like our bodies kinda infers there’s only a select (very limited) amount of partners we could have. How do you all reconcile these theological problems?



Dear biowonder,

My first thought was that of Flatland, a great book which everyone should read. It focused on a 2D "person" (technically a shape) who was visited by a 3D person who tried to explain what a 3D world was like. (As you can imagine, the 2D person was very confused and thought the 3D person was crazy for a time.) Imagine if a 4D being tried to visit us and explain what a 4D world was like, or what 4D people looked like? I don't think we can fully comprehend what we did/will look like as a spirit, because I think we existed on a different plane/dimension. I highly suggest reading Flatland, because it might give you a better sense of what things might have been/be like!

-guppy of doom


Dear Wonder,

Do our spirits look like our bodies? Do our spirits look like anything? I mean, having an appearance seems to fall squarely in the physical realm, and doesn't seem to really make sense when talking about incorporeal things, such as spirits. And can spirits even see in the way that we mean it? I don't really think so. 

We experience things now through physical senses, and I don't believe we could have had exact copies of those senses without bodies. I do think we were still able to sense things as spirits, but I think the way we sensed things must have been radically different from the way we sense things now. Thus it is very possible that looking like anything doesn't make any sense when applied to spirits.



Dear biowonder,

I don't think we have enough information about spirits and bodies to adequately answer your question completely. However, I wonder if you are taking the thought that spirits look like bodies too literally. Perhaps this is meant to be that spirits are in a similar form that our bodies have (arms, legs, head, etc.). So I don't know if my spirit looks exactly like my physical body, but I do believe that in the Spirit World I will still have arms and legs.

-Sunday Night Banter