Some folks are wise and some are otherwise. -Tobias Smollett
Question #91437 posted on 06/28/2018 1:54 p.m.

Dear Ardilla Feroz,

If you are still alive, I have a burning question. Have you ever eaten a gluestick? How did it taste?

-deceptively random question


Dear ghostbuster,

Still alive!

A burning question? Like that time in Board Question #81181 when I had to set lip gloss aflame for science?

Glue sticks? Gurl, I think you're gettin' just a bit minty fresh with me. You just need, like, some random answers, or have I inadvertently crossed the streams... again?

Don't be a stranger, say hello. I wanna know how you know what you know. Badgers. Trefoils. Mahogany.

See? I can do it too. Random stuff. 


--Ardilla Feroz, recently escaped from the logging town of Tanry, Republic of the Congo