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Question #91451 posted on 06/20/2018 6:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

At what age of children do you think is inappropriate for people to post naked pictures (or maybe semi naked. Is there a scale here?) of their kids on social media?

-My Name Here


Dear you,

Personally, I don't ever think it's appropriate.

I have no problem with parents taking naked or semi-naked photos of their young children. I have no problem if you want to share those pictures with close friends or family.

But I think posting them on social media is inappropriate and unnecessary.




Dear you,

My opinions are my opinions and don't have to be your opinions, but here are some guidelines I'd feel more comfortable with for my kids:

1) I'll never post a photo with visible genital nudity for either gender. When I take cute bathtub pics of my baby to send to my parents/in-laws, he's still got a washcloth over him. The only buck-naked photos we have of my son are from when he was in the hospital, and I'm conservative enough to even feel a bit uncomfortable with that. In general, I think that it's wise to avoid naked photos of genital areas even if they're of babies and you plan to keep them private because that doesn't always work out. 

2) For toplessness, I'm probably more personally conservative than many others, and reasonable minds can differ. I'd get uncomfortable with a topless picture of a little girl significantly before sexual dimorphism was apparent, and I don't think there's any age where it's really problematic for a boy. Even if you're less conservative than I am, I would think it's wise to cease any top-nudity in girls certainly by the time any sexual development occurs, as long as we live in a society that considers the breast to be as sexual as ours does (and that's a whole additional discussion).

~Anne, Certainly