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Question #91455 posted on 06/26/2018 10:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your favorite and least favorite animals?

-Rainbow connection


Dear Rainbow Connection,

Favorite Common Animals: Dogs, horses, dolphins.

Favorite Lesser Known Animal: Cassowaries! They're like modern day dinosaurs, and can disembowel humans with their super strong kick and giant claws, and while they're sort of terrifying, they're also fascinating.

Least Favorite Animals: Snails, Suriname toads (their eggs are implanted in their backs, where the tadpoles hatch, and eventually burst forth from the holes as fully-formed tiny frogs. If you want to see how truly horrifying this is, click here). 



Dear someday we'll find you,

I moved to a new state for the summer, and there are plenty of animals around, so I'm just going to go off of what my favorite and least favorite animals are here:

Favorite: A DOG. I've never had a dog before due to allergies (...yeah we'll see how this summer goes) but my new roommate has a shih tzu and she is ADORABLE and I am in love. And hopefully my daily allergy pills kick in soon.

Least Favorite: Cockroaches. Though technically here they're "water bugs." Which means they still look like cockroaches and still fly, but they die after 24 hours indoors. 

As I texted my boyfriend last night:
Me: why is there a chair in the bathroom? This is really stupid-
*water bug scuttles across floor*
Me, jumping onto chair: oh blessed chair, most amazing creation...

How I love the South.

-guppy of doom 


Dear person,

Likes: Dogs, bunnies, baby seals. 

Dislikes: Wasps, creepy monkeys.



Dear RC,

Favorite animal: coati.

Least favorite animal: mosquitoes.




Dear Rain,

Favorite animal: currently impala, which is a type of antelope

Least favorite: arachnids. But if we're also going for most disturbing, then it would have to be the Common Suriname Toad, because baby toads begin life by sprouting out of their mother's back. It is a highly disturbing scene to watch.



Dear RC,

Today I was standing in the living room brushing my teeth and minding my own business when my roommate's cat walked up and BIT ME ON THE KNEECAP.

So my roommate's cat is definitely my least favorite animal.

On a more positive note, dogs are angels from heaven and I adore them.




Dear Anathema,

Right? Right? If y'all didn't believe me before about those toads being disgusting, you best believe me now. By the mouth of two Board writers shall it be established that Suriname Toads are spawn of the devil.