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Question #91475 posted on 07/22/2018 3 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Last week on the Friday off after Spring Term, I was eating lunch and the bell tower rang out over campus with the familiar but out-of-place tune of "Still D.R.E." (DID ANYONE ELSE HEAR IT?) We got a major kick out of this, but it got us thinking...

Who??? did this??? Did BYU carillonneur Don Cook let his student apprentices just have at it on this 'day off?' Was it a fun prank? I know Cook and his grad student bell-players like to throw in some fun and familiar tunes every once in a while, but this was a break from even that. Have I missed other surprising performances on other days?



Dear Guesthouse,

According to Board Question #87779 there are a few students who are hired to play a concert on the carillon bells every day at noon (or at least there were in 2016). Because you were eating lunch when you heard it, my guess is you heard one of their concerts! It also could have been one of the MUSIC 160R students who Don Cook lets play the bell tower sometimes. I've never heard any unexpected songs on the bell tower, probably because I'm usually not outside on the north side of campus at noon, but Frère Rubik said he heard them playing "very dramatic music" one day in the first Board question I linked to here. If you want to hear more surprising songs, my suggestion is spending time outside at noon close to the bell tower.