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Question #91481 posted on 07/08/2018 10:06 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am a college student and I am new to here. So, let's start my first questions about coupons&deals websites.

It's about how those sites to earn money.

As we all usually doing, we like shopping online, and yes, perhaps some of you may search related coupons or deals information by google, just like me! I have been used to find these cute numbers since i known what a coupon meant and i am familiar with many famous and reliable coupons websites,such as SlickDeals, Groupon, HotDeals and etc.

However, though those sites are reliable, I still can't take them as safety. There are usually no ads, no other requirements, even no fees are needed. I don't believe they are completely nonprofit and I have to figure out how they usually earn money from us? Would they copy and make use of my personal information when i use coupons from those sites? And most important, is it really reliable or legally? Hope you can tell me the answers. Thanks a lot and may you have a nice day!



Dear Jeson,

The way that these websites make money is that the companies pay coupon websites for advertising. Because so many people use coupon websites businesses can get a lot more customers if they pay Groupon, HotDeals, or SlickDeals to advertise them. So the coupon websites don't make money off of you, they make it from the businesses.

These websites are safe and reliable. The only info that you need to sign up is your name and email address. That's not enough information for them to steal your identity. If a website asks for more information than that, it's probably to show you ads more relevant to you. You can typically opt out of that information if you feel uncomfortable with it. If you're worried about your personal information just read the privacy policy for the website. If you're worried about your password being secure, make sure the password for the coupon site account is different than your email password. Hope this helps!