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Question #91482 posted on 07/13/2018 8:34 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why are like all insect pins manufactured in the Czech Republic? I even read in about E.O. Wilson that he switched to studying ants from flies because during WWII he couldn't get any insect pins to pin his flies due to Czechoslovakia being Hitler'ed. Even ordering insect pins today most of the options and all of the most high quality ones are from the Czech Republic. Google turned up dry on historical reasons for this specialization of their economy so good luck figuring this one out.

-Ordering a bunch of insect pins


Dear Entomologist,

Let me Czech this out for you. Get it? Okay, so I spent a good 30 minutes on google trying to track down various insect pin manufacturers. I must say, it was really hard to find. The majority of websites were just re-sellers and suppliers instead of actual manufacturers. I was finally able to find at least one manufacturer of insect pins. Hamilton Bell Company is based out of New Jersey and they manufacture and sell insect pins among other scientific equipment. You are correct though that a main manufacturer is Czech. Austerlitz is based in the Czech Republic and they hand make museum quality insect pins.

There are insect pin manufacturers inside and outside the Czech Republic, but the question is why are so many manufactured in the Czech Republic? Here are a few theories: 1. Czech insect pins are known for their quality and more prominent even though there are manufacturers in other nations. 2. The Czech Republic was among the first countries to manufacture them, and entering the insect pin market is hard to do. 3. They don't actually manufacture the majority of pins and we've been living a lie all this time!

I personally believe that the majority are produced in the Czech Republic because they seem to do a good job, and it would be hard to compete with that; especially if you consider the costs of getting equipment, marketing, and all that jazz. If any readers happen to have inside knowledge on this please give us the scoop and drop a comment. I hope this helps! Thank you for making my google search history about six thousand times weirder. Great question.