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Question #91486 posted on 07/15/2018 11:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Looking for wardrobe suggestions! I'm pretty bored with the kinds of clothes I usually wear, and frankly don't feel particularly comfortable or stylish in them anymore either. Girls have so many more cute and fun options, and I easily notice the different styles and outfits they wear, but I'm having a trickier time figuring out what kinds of different styles guys wear. So to simplify the question, I just want to ask: What are some particular men's styles/outfits/articles of clothing that you personally like and think look good?

And I guess as a follow up question specifically for the girls, how much does a guy's fashion matter to you?



Dear Hank,

I feel you man. Finding ways to expand your wardrobe can be hard. When I was in high school I literally wore sports sweats to school every single day. Toward the end of my senior year I realized that I probably needed to wear other clothes. I'm no fashionista, but I've upgraded my wardrobe significantly. Here are 3 things that have helped me improve my style:

  1. Go shopping with someone else: I started to take my sisters shopping with me and they've helped me pick out more fashionable clothes. Find someone that you think has a good style and take them shopping with you. It's a great way to find new outfits/articles of clothing, and it's more fun.
  2. Take inventory of your wardrobe: Look through all your clothes to see what you have and what you don't. This will help you realize what types of clothes you think are fashionable. It will also help you see what's missing from your wardrobe. Maybe you have some nice shirts, but you don't have any pants that go with them. This is also a good activity to do with someone else. 
  3. Have clothes for all situations: Having clothes all along the casual to formal spectrum will allow for versatility and creativity in your outfits. For example, you could wear a button up shirt with a tie and slacks, or untucked with some nice jeans, or layered over a t-shirt. If you only have one pair of shoes, or your only pants are jeans, you'll be pretty limited in what you can do. Having a nice variety of shoes, pants, and shirts makes it a lot easier to mix and match.

Hope these help! There are plenty of good fashion blogs and instagram accounts that have really good tips and suggestions. You might want to check those out as well.




Dear Hallio,

I may or may not have become a tad bit obsessed with Korean dramas, and one of the things I've noticed whilst watching those is that there seems to be a greater range in men's fashion in Korea than here in the U.S. So perhaps you could do some superficial research into international fashions to see if there's anything you like.

As far as general suggestions for guys fashion go, I agree wholeheartedly with what Babalugats shares below. Wearing clothes that fit correctly and are made of good materials goes a long way. Another thing to consider is your hair. Having a good haircut/styling your hair well has a big impact on your outfit.

I won't deny that when a guy dresses well, I definitely have a higher level of initial interest. But if I know someone well, it stops mattering to me if they don't dress well. 




It's more important to me than I like to admit. This answer is going to make it sound like I think about it a lot and make up rules. I don't. To write this I tried to remember all the times I noticed and liked how a guy was dressed. Everything I've written is self-reflection on what I've been attracted to in the past. The main thing that kept coming up while I was writing this is how you fill out your clothes. Which is to say fill them out. Big guys don't have to worry about that as much. But there are little things they can do to evoke a sense of structure in their appearance that is really attractive. Okay. Don't hate me. Here we go:

The cargo shorts have become a real problem. I mean, they may be comfortable and easy to wear but it's so easy to end up looking juvenile or like you're not trying. Just be choosy about your shorts. These look good. I'm just not into baggy, wide legged, or long fitting shorts. 


The most attractive style to me is well-fitted jeans and a quality well-fitted tee-shirt in good repair. Cold times call for well-fitted flannels and sturdy ankle boots. Well-fitted does not always mean form-fitted. I mostly means you should avoid extremes on either side of the tightness scale. Avoid bell shapes or "A-lines", or extra fabric around the arms or waist. This guy has a pretty good balance. You don't have to be ripped. You just need to fill out the arms and chest of the shirts you do wear. 


Big men look especially good in collared shirts with rolled up sleeves, and layering works really well for them. The t-shirt look is great too but I like big guys to wear sturdier fabrics with less stretch for their tees. I'm on thin ice here, but I think these looks tighten 'em up and emphasize the "barrel-chested" vibe and I'm kind of about that. I've also noticed polos working well for big to mid-size men (James Cordon for example.)


On skinny guys I like slightly tighter pants. This is part of keeping "well-fitted" but there should be a little compensation for the hip to leg-width ratio. I figure it's hard to find pants that fit the waist without extra material around the legs. I also think there's a bit of stigma associated with skinny jeans/tight pants for men. In a lot of ways I agree. Be careful with the tight fit. But skinny guys get a free pass and they may not all know that. We like your legs too. Slim fit all the way.



Boys, you are beautiful. Sure, I have preferences but it's attractive across the board when any guy dresses to flatter and celebrate his own body type. There are tons of style guides based on this. I would recommend looking for a few blogs or websites that focus on dressing for your size and height. Keep it simple, keep it sharp. And honestly, you don't need much if it's well made. I would love if guys would reel it in on wearing free t-shirts every. single. day. We can all tell it's Gildan. Always spring for quality, longevity, and fit. Remember, lose the extra fabric! Bell shapes. A-lines. Don't. Okay. That's all.