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Question #91493 posted on 07/11/2018 8:18 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is your favorite BYU-related Instagram account? (ie. BYUcrushes, provobrosamiright, BYUsleeps, etc.)

- Me


Dear Me?,

My favorite BYU-related Instagram account is provoguysamiright. Some of the stuff they post is just so ridiculous that I really hope it's fake. It makes me laugh/question humanity/appreciate the majority of people who aren't that terrible; all at the same time.




Dear You,

I love provoguysamiright, even though the terribleness of some of the people it showcases makes me despair for humanity a little. And recently I've started to appreciate BYUPDA more, because it makes me feel like I have some way of getting revenge on people who engage in blatant and gross PDA (I've never actually submitted anything to them, but knowing I have the option makes me feel like I have some semblance of control over uncomfortable situations).