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Question #91512 posted on 08/06/2018 10:15 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does anyone know where the LSAT test location is at BYU? I'd like to practice my tests on a similar desk that I'll be taking the real one on and if I could get an idea in advance of where the test is typically held I could study in a similar environment and perhaps even on the same desk. I'll take it in November of this year.




Dear You,

I looked and was unable to find out where the LSAT test is given at BYU. If any readers know the test location feel free to leave a correction.



posted on 08/07/2018 10:43 a.m.
My roommate just took the LSAT a few months ago. He said that he took the test in a classroom in the BYU law building, but that apparently sometimes it's in the BYU testing center and that it might even be somewhere different, it changes a lot. But he also says that when you sign up to take it you should get a ticket with the location.

If you can't find out exactly where it will be for a while though, I would suggest trying to take the practice test in multiple places, like empty classrooms or library study rooms or maybe even the Provo library. That way, even if you can't get used to the exact room you'll at least be used to always being somewhere new.

Good luck!

The Lawyers Roommate
posted on 08/07/2018 5:08 p.m.
Chad, Tipperrary, and TLR,

The Lawyer's Roommate is correct - it changes from time to time - in fact, when I took the LSAT at BYU, they changed the location the morning of the LSAT (we all showed up in one location, only to be told they had decided at the last minute to move it to another). It makes sense to take it in multiple spots and to be flexible.

- lady d