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Question #91529 posted on 08/06/2018 2:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Someone in our ward has 7 kids who all got married in the temple. Obviously people make their own choices so you can’t for somebody to do something. But, what can I do to make it more likely my children will stay faithful in Christ? I mean, those parents must have been doing something right! Looking for specific things I can do.



Dear Trying,

I'm not a parent, but I do have parents! So far they're going pretty strong in having all their kids stay faithful in Christ, and for me, one of the most important things they've done is just instilling Christ-like values in us. I grew up watching my parents serving others every chance they got, speaking kindly and respectfully about others even if they didn't necessarily agree with everything those people did, praying every single night (as a family and individually), and magnifying their Church callings. They also took advantage of bringing gospel principles up in normal conversations all the time, and even though as a teenager I sometimes thought that was annoying, it really showed me how much my parents valued the gospel, and helped me value it more, too. Ultimately, just the people they were and the way they lived their lives helped shape me into a good person who cares about serving others and being kind and respectful.

That said, though, ultimately it's up to the children what they choose to do. Parents can be the most stalwart, faithful people ever, and their kids can totally reject their teachings. That's a reflection on the children's agency, not the parents, so no matter what choices they make, make sure your kids know that you'll be in their corner come what may.



Dear Tryna,

I'm in the same boat as Alta in that I'm not a parent, but I do happen to have quite fantastic parents (in fact, I share these parents with Alta).

I think my parents were able to have the greatest impact on building my faith in Christ is through simply being good. They aren't judgmental, support me through everything, and talk about Christ and the gospel frequently.

They have shown, and continue to show me the worth of living as active members of the Church.