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Question #91551 posted on 08/08/2018 5:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A question in regards to modesty. But don't worry, this is a simple question :)

The Board's recent answers about modesty, bikinis, etc have been very interesting and thought provoking, so first of all, thank you for those thoughtful answers.

Of course, currently, BYU's swimwear policy is essentially "no two piece bathing suits," or to wear at least two pieces that cover essentially the same amount of skin as a traditional one piece.

Previous answers have made good points about many two piece/bikini type swimsuits often being more modest than many one piece swimsuits, and the fact that there are no set doctrinal rules about what it means to be modest while swimming, and shifting cultural attitudes and the (perhaps slight) desexualization of bikinis.

All this considered, how likely is BYU to change their swimsuit policy? BYU has changed some long traditions (caffeine) though not yet changed others (beards). For whatever reason though, I personally just can't imagine them changing the swimsuit rule.

So, do you see them changing the rule anytime soon? Anytime in the distant future? Why or why not?



Dear Pear,

Considering beards were banned in the 1960s due to a fear they made people look like hippies, and we still allow monstrosities like this, I'm gonna go with the swimsuit rule changing maybe twenty years after the beard ban is lifted.

However, I do know of an interesting story: about eight years ago BYUH only allowed one piece swimsuits at their pool. One day that rule suddenly changed to allow modest two piece swimsuits. The word went around town that the BYUH president's wife had gone to the BYUH pool in a modest tankini and was kicked out by the lifeguards for not following the rules. Outraged, she complained to her husband, who then changed the rules so his wife could swim there. This was during the last BYUH president's reign and nobody liked him, so the story could have been fabricated but I believe it. Basically, until the rules inconvenience those in authority, we won't see a change. 

-guppy of doom