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Question #91560 posted on 08/11/2018 4:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

It's been a LONG time since I lived in Helaman. My little brother is moving in for fall soon and I'm helping get all his stuff together. What is something you wish you brought with you?

-Big Sis


Dear Sissy,

I never lived in Helaman, but this question made me think of a story one of my friends who did live there shared. Since Helaman doesn't have any cooking things, he would make grilled cheese sandwiches by wrapping the bread and cheese in tinfoil, and then ironing it. 

So, I guess you could tell your brother to bring an iron and ironing board.



Dear Big Sis,

When I lived in Helaman, I also had the fancy meal plan that allowed you unlimited visits to the Cannon Center 7 days a week, plus it included $250 a semester to spend on food outside the Cannon. I hadn't brought any dishes or cooking supplies with me when I moved in, but I ended up purchasing basics like plastic cups and bowls because I needed them for food I would pick up and keep in the fridge, especially for days like Sundays where the Cannon Center had limited hours.

But overall the space in a typical Helaman dorm room is very small, so try not to overdo it. There's limited floor space so I definitely wouldn't bring any extra furniture (for instance, I had a bean bag chair that we hardly ever used but that took up a lot of space). Plan ahead and only bring items that can fit in the closet and under the bed. As a freshman and since you won't need to cook for yourself, you really don't need too much, and moving gets exponentially worse the more stuff you have.