Whenever he thought about it, he felt terrible. And so, at last, he came to a fateful decision. He decided not to think about it. ~John-Roger and Peter McWilliams
Question #91623 posted on 09/12/2018 10:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Whooooooooa. The archives is a scary place. Who let somebody write answers in the form of Barney Stinson? Isn't he kind of a psychopath/sexual predator in your eyes? Now I am curious. What is the editor's role for the board?

-My Name Here


Dear muggle,

People object to Barney Stinson but not me? What childish nonsense is this?

At least you didn't mention Anathema. She's pathetic.

-Lord Voldemort


Dear My Name Here,

As explained in Board Question #91397, our responsibilities include, "asking writers to reword parts of answers, editing grammar and HTML bugs in answers before they post, working with the webmasters, checking every single link in every single question before they can post, answering emails, dealing with writer applications, going through the inbox to push out unanswered questions, building writer unity, approving corrections, taking care of specific requests from writers/readers, thinking of ways to generate more traffic to the Board, writing our own answers, etc." 

It is not our role to tell writers to change a throwaway nym that they only use on certain questions, as long as that nym is not explicit or violating Board policy in some way. As you can see from the questions answered by Barney Stinson, most of them were answered simply as a joke in the same bro-y way Barney Stinson acted in How I Met Your Mother, and none of them were written as if by a psychopath/sexual predator. Although his character on the TV show is morally questionable, we don't censor what shows our writers are allowed to like or reference.

-The Editors


Oh Voldy,

There's really no need to get jealous just cause you messed up interpreting visions of the future. Though the vision you were privy to was much clearer and easier to discern the meaning of than my book of prophecies (which I did end up using to help successfully save the world, whereas you failed in your goal to kill one defenseless baby).