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Question #91626 posted on 09/14/2018 8:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

The last question to reach the top ten most popular questions on the 100 Hour Board was in 2013 (Board Question #71939). Personally, I do not believe all of the top ten questions are deserving of their position in the top ten, so my question is, what percentage of BYU students, today, know and/or use the Board?

-Disgruntled Board Question #83139 fan


Dear Treasured Reader,

We're quite sure that about 3 people read the Board. Quixotic and I used to be 2 of those readers, so now maybe it's just you who reads the Board. 


Of course, my developing statistician self couldn't just sit and not try to find an actual percentage. If you wanted a serious answer, here it is. I wish I had more time to take a larger survey, but I feel pretty good about this one. 

I asked a total of 90 people "Have you ever heard of the 100 Hour Board?" and I had literally ONE person say they knew what it was. (They wanted a shoutout but I've been reading the Belmont Report which is making me very conscious about the rights of participants and I don't want to jeopardize their anonymity. Sorry, werf.)  

Obviously, I told survey respondents what it was afterward... I hope that little plug yields some new readers. 

I ran some basic stats on my little study to try to get some estimates on the proportion for you:

p^ = .011, n = 90 

95% C = .011 +/- 1.96sqrt((.011*.989)/90) = [-.01045, .03265]

90% C = .011 +/- 1.645sqrt((.011*.989)/90) =  [-.006985, .029185]

50% C = .011 +/- .0674sqrt((.011*.989)/90) =  [.010359, .011841]

I can say with 95% confidence that the proportion of BYU students who know about the Board lies between 0% and 3.3%. The other confidence levels are just there because I was curious. That's your answer. 

Now for some speculation:

We already know the proportion is higher than 0% because of that one person who says they know about the Board. Also, let's count the writers that are currently BYU students, and anyone that I know on campus who is aware of us. That means I know give or take 20 people we can count. That was BEFORE I went and asked random people about it. If I asked 90 people, one person knew about it, which leaves 89 people who didn't know about it before who DO know about it now.

Running total: 109 BYU students know about the Board!

I'm sure all of our writers have at least a couple friends or significant others (current or ex) who know about the Board too. I'm going to add another 20 people to our growing list, and I'd say that's probably conservative. And what about all the ex-writers who told siblings and friends, and maybe those people told a couple friends? What about those people we talked to at a recent event? Let's add another 20 just to be nice to ourselves.  That's now 159 people who know about the Board! I'll stop there so we don't extrapolate too much. 159/33,000 = .0048

With that proportion, I think we can probably say at least 0.5% of BYU students have heard of the 100 Hour Board. Again, it's likely less than 3.3%. Students who actually use it? That's a totally different story. You can tell by the number of thumbs-ups we get that all of those 159 people don't actually use the Board, else we'd have more top 10 questions.

So... what can we do about that? 

We need more readers. More readers who are registered and thumbs-up the answers they like, and more readers asking creative questions that give us the opportunity to write top-ten-worthy answers (I think there are plenty of deserving answers already, but you get what I'm saying.) 

We love having more people involved in our little corner of the Internet! Of course, you can help too. Like Tipperary said in Board Question #91436, many people learn about us by word of mouth. So tell your friends about us! Share questions you like on Facebook! Do some unpaid advertising for this thing we all love! Write the URL on random pieces of paper and leave them everywhere! Ask random strangers about the Board in a survey so they get annoyed with you! (JK don't do that.)

If you want a bit more info on Board readership, see Board Question #90464 and Board Question #78109.



posted on 09/15/2018 9:03 a.m.
Guesthouse now realizes that 109+20+20 is 149, not 159. Some statistics major she is! HA.
In any case, I'd say that's probably still a pretty fair proportion.

<3 GH