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Question #91643 posted on 09/14/2018 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My memory and Google skills are not matching up.... I remember reading somewhere (the Daily Universe, the BYU Magazine, etc.) that the indoor swimming pool that the swim team uses to practice has an observation room from which coaches can observe the swimmers. Is this true? Is it open to other who want to help their friends get better at swimming?

--Still Swimming


Dear Dory, 

The pool in the RB has windows overlooking it that you can access from the second-floor hallway. There is also balcony seating, I'm sure you're allowed to go up there during open swim hours to watch your buddy and give them some pointers.



posted on 09/15/2018 9:02 a.m.
I think the asker meant an observation room beneath the water level which allows the viewers to observe swimmers and divers in their element.
I know that at least the old pool had an observation room like this because I once got to look around it. I don’t know if the new pool has such a room and I seriously doubt it would be available to the general public if it does exist.
The only reason I got to look at it is because the custodial crew I worked for had a master key to every building on campus and nothing to do at the time.