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Question #91659 posted on 09/21/2018 7:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

General conference is coming up, and rumor has it that two hour church might be in the works. My parents say that this has been a rumor for years, but it sounds like there might be some truth to it this time. I have a hard time believing that the Brethren would look at the challenges members of the Church face and conclude that less church would be what we need. I see the logic in having a two-hour block for some areas where meeting space is limited, but not necessarily in the Church as a whole. What are some reasons two hour church would be beneficial?
(Note- I'm not trying to attack the Church or President Nelson, just curious about why this might happen.)

-My Name Here


Dear friend,

Even though having church for 3 hours is great(?), sometimes maximum productivity comes in having shorter, more meaningful meetings. I think the Brethren will probably encourage us to spend the extra time working on family history, ministering, or visiting family on Sunday. It also gives leadership (bishops in particular) more time to do their meetings as well. I can see a whole lot of good things coming out of it.  It highlights what I feel like is a move towards individual good works and focusing on ourselves, our families, and our communities more intently. 




Dear person,

The benefit is we don't have to be at church for three hours.



Dear you,

It's possible that having a shorter Church block would also enable some people to appreciate Church more. As one example: I've got an 11 month-old, and I can tell you that there are very few times during the day that it's possible to have a 3 hour block that won't interrupt either the feeding/nursing schedule or the sleeping schedule, or both, of a child under one. Three hours is also just a long time for a little kid who can't go to nursery to be sat on laps or confined to playing in a 8 sq ft area in front of your folding chair/pew. Accordingly, 3 hour block means that I may be in the building for 3 hours, but I (or Man, Certainly) may well spend part of it feeding my son,  walking the halls to get him to sleep or give him a break, or being in class but paying near-zero attention because I'm focused on him. Now, I believe that parents who do this are going to be blessed for going to all 3 hours, even if they can't pay full attention or be in class all the time. Nevertheless, it'd be easier to schedule naps or feedings around a shorter block, which could eliminate the need for some of the 20-minute-step-out-of-class bits. 

There may be other categories of people, such as those with social or other anxiety, who would also be able to focus more effectively on their Sunday worship if faced with a shorter time period inside the building on Sundays. Guesthouse points out above that if we do go to 2 hour Church (I'm not holding my breath) it'll be because we're encouraged to be more proactive/responsible for our own spiritual activities. This could be a really great opportunity as long as we are willing to take it. 


~Anne, Certainly