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Question #91738 posted on 10/18/2018 9:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is your favorite question you've ever been asked? Not just here, but any time ever.

-In Search of Good Questions


Dear you,

For a sappy, nostalgic answer, "Do you want to go to a park with me?”




Dear you,

When people ask me why I believe the things I do. It's not a specific question and it's been asked multiple times about multiple things, but I love being able to share how I've come to a conclusion and then get feedback on my views.

And I hate being sappy so I'm not putting "will you marry me?" though in reality that's probably my number one favorite question. Well, along with the questioner. If I got that question from anyone else I would be extremely disturbed.

-guppy of doom


Dear Questioner,

One time my dad came home from work and while we were eating dinner as a family he said "On the radio they posed the question: If the United States of America was a person and you had to describe them using only 3 adjectives, which adjectives would you choose and why?" I think we spent a solid 30 to 45 minutes throwing out loads of different adjectives and combinations of adjectives to try and describe the essence of America. We ended up having an amazing conversation that included topics like personal rights, foreign policy, and history (my dad taught American Heritage at BYUI so that's the kind of thing that we'd talk about at dinner sometimes).

What I really liked about that question was trying to describe something using a limited number of adjectives. After we had that discussion I spent a lot of time thinking about what 3-5 adjectives describe my personality? If I could choose 5 adjectives for people to describe me, which ones would I want to describe me? Which 5 adjectives do I think make someone a good friend?

You can really apply this type of question to anything. What are the 3 best qualities of a good pizza? If you only had 3 adjectives to describe the music style of your favorite band how could you best describe it? The list goes on and on. I think these questions make for great discussion and allow you to think deeply about the essence of things and what makes them unique.




Dear you,

Guess how much I love you?



Dear In Search Of,

Probs whenever a cute girl asks me how my abs got to be so good.

-Provo Bros


Dear Questioning, 

My favorite question is "Why?" 

I don't mean when a nagging 4-year old asks this question 100 times in rapid-fire succession. I mean when I state my opinion or thought process and my grandpa, my boyfriend, my dad, my professors... anyone, asks "why?" Why do I think that? Why do I feel this way? Why would I do that? Why do I want that? etc. It can be applied to essentially any situation, and it forces me to think deeper, find research, read more, support my thinking, and take stock of my feelings. Any and all changes in perspective I have encountered have come about from being asked: "Why?". This question has formed my political stances, my choice in major, my spiritual beliefs... the whole 9 yards. 




Dear Malcolm,

"What is wrong with Millennials?"

-Baby Boomers


Dear you,

"What are you learning over here?"

I was slowing the group examining a juniper on a hike in Capitol Reef. 

And also "Where do you need to go to feel like you've been gone?"