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Question #91752 posted on 05/31/2019 3:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Search seems to not be returning any hits more current than June. Did the indexeteer retire or did some young tunnel worm get into the system?

For example, the most current result for this search is 06/12/2018, and I know I've seen that word around recently...

-Index Finger


Dear you,

As you have recognized, our website is far from perfect. We are working on a solution to the problem you noticed and we will work on getting it back up to snuff. 

Like always, you are more than welcome to get your full refund if you're not fully satisfied by your experience with us.

But seriously, we're working on it. Thanks for pointing this out to us, we weren't aware of it at the time.

-Sunday Night Banter

P.S. There are no "young" tunnel worms...


The Good One,

Fixed it. I know you asked about this in October 2018 but this was quite the battle against those tunnel worms so I hope you will forgive my tardiness. 

This is a little anticlimactic so I'll reward you with a funny internet thing. Please enjoy Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet comics