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Question #91774 posted on 11/10/2018 5 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm looking at classes to register for winter semester and decided I need more fun in my schedule. What are the top 10 fun but easy classes at BYU that you can go to and forget about your annoying midterms and essays? (preferably classes that won't give you annoying essays)


Waiting for fun


Dear Waiting,

STAC classes are always a good place to start (though they aren't worth many credits per class, which can possibly turn into a problem). One of my all time favorite classes I've taken at BYU is yoga, and I definitely recommend it. Another class I personally haven't taken but heard great things about from my brother who did, is dutch oven cooking. 



Dear hat on a lizard,

I paraphrase what I've previously said in Board Question #88293, adding info about essays:

You may find Class Schedule Search to be very useful at this time. You can sort things by day and time the class is offered, total credit hours, department, etc.

Classes I've personally taken that I enjoyed: 

  • STAC 141 - Martial Arts/Jiu Jitsu: My sister and I took this together and she triumphantly put me in an inescapable chokehold the last day of class. No annoying essays.
  • STAC 121 - Springboard Diving: Always wanted to learn how to do this. No essays.
  • STAC 109 -Yoga: It's a calming class and I learned how to do a headstand. No essays.
  • STAC 108 -Zumba: Highly recommended, a blast. No essays.
  • STAC 191 -Weight Training: Be ye guy or girl, this can be a fun class. Make sure to get a teacher who will actually teach you how to do stuff. My teacher was Shawn Fulton or something, and was good. No essays.
  • DANCE 190 - Ballet, Beginning: BYU is a great place to try things you probably wouldn't try outside of a university setting. That was ballet for me. No essays to my knowledge.
  • DANCE 245 - Urban & Street Dance Forms: Learn breaking, popping, locking, New Jack Swing and House styles from local community teachers. Highly recommended, and they start at a beginning level. No essays. Second block only.DO THIS ONE.
  • DANCE 279 - Indian Dance: We studied Bharatanatyam, Bhangra, and Bollywood styles. A lot of fun. Maybe one easy-peasy report?
  • SFL 110 - Food Preparation in the Home. This class is really basic, and I didn't learn as many food prep skills as I'd hoped (i.e. knife work, sauce making... #justratatouillethings) but it was still enjoyable and I got to take home extra produce from classes home on weekends from since I took it on Fridays. There is a more advanced class teaching more legit skills that I believe masquerades by the horribly boringly-titled SFL 340 - Family Meal Management. SFL 110 has minimal class work. You have to write a little and there's a written test, but it's pretty easy. The final is making a delicious group meal, which you then eat. I suppose you could audit this instead if you really don't want to write at all.

Classes I wanted to take include classes from Recreation Management (not called this anymore, apparently, guppy of doom provides clarification). These have the huge benefit (for you, anyways) of being 2.0 credit hours each without really having much work outside of class activities. To sign up for some of these I believe it is necessary to go to the Recreation Management office and sign up in person. There may be spots available in these classes, even if it doesn't appear so online. At the very least you can get a head-start on future semesters.

  • RECM 223R - Rock Climbing: We have world-class rock climbing minutes away from BYU.
  • RECM 223R - Hiking and Survival:  This is a canyoneering class! At BYU! They focus on learning safe rope skills and do bona fide guided field trips in Southern Utah. I learned about this in my last semester at BYU. Alas.
  • RECM 223R - Mountain Biking: Bikes!

There's many lovely, minimal-homework classes at BYU, and I hope you have the chance to take a couple mixed in with your other things.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear nearly there,

I also love the Recreation Management classes Ardilla mentioned, though they've recently changed it to be under the category "EXDM". I've taken EXDM 123 - Intro to Outdoor Recreation twice because it's so much fun. You do a different activity each week, like hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, ropes courses, mountain biking, and so on. It fills up really quickly though, so be sure to hop on it quickly! While I never took any of the other RECM/EXDM classes, I imagine they'd be a lot of fun.

A STAC class I'd recommend is ice skating. My roommate took it and loved it. 

-guppy of doom


Dear Waiting,

I will always plug the English Department Reading Series (ENGL 321R), which is only one credit and consists of you going to a reading, eating cookies, and then writing a little bit about it later.

I will also recommend TMA 215R, Sketch Comedy Writing. This one is not as easy (it's a three credit hour class), but it is super fun and was always the highlight of my week when I was taking it.

-Frère Rubik