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Question #91777 posted on 11/03/2018 9:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am a stay at home mom. The littlest is going to preschool and I want my life back :) while I always dreamed of a medical career it doesn’t seem possible right now. All my experience is a few years old and many programs also require prereqs to be within 5 years. My husbands career is much more intense than we previously imagined so adding long shifts for me and more parental intensity doesn’t seem right. My current thought is to go back and get a masters in biology or something. That would open the doors for teaching at community colleges and high school in some states assuming I did the other qualifying things. Additionally it would give me recent grades to apply to something I may decide to do down the road. Anyways... college students... what would you do?

-My Name Here


Dear you,

My mom was in a very similar situation to yours. She got her nursing degree from BYU, was a stay-at-home mom, and 20 years later when all of her kids were in school she decided she wanted to enter back into the work force. Since she hadn't worked as a nurse in 20 years so she had to go back and do a bunch of training to renew her nursing license. It was a time commitment, but we managed to make it work around the house while she was in school. Since then there's been times where she's worked part time, worked two jobs, been the sole income earner, and taken a few months off of work to stay at home.

Schedules have been tricky with my mom working but she really has enjoyed it. She loves what she's doing and her working has been a blessing to our family in many different ways. Obviously every family situation is different, but there are a lot of different job set ups, so with careful searching you could probably find something to fit your family situation. 

As for career specific advice, the medical field is so big and has so many different disciplines that I don't know what would be best from you. If you know what direction you want to go to, I would honestly go to a nearby college and ask them. Even if you just a prospective student I'm sure people from your field would be happy to answer your questions in a more accurate and nuanced way then we could without more details on your specific situation.  I hope this helps!




Dear you,

I'd go for that Masters wholeheartedly. After all, like you said, it will only open doors for you. Doors that you won't be forced into going through, so you aren't in danger of losing your current position. 

Good luck!



Dear readers:

If you, or someone you are closely and directly related to you (i.e. no "my one friend's friend who I used to fight with back in 'Nam") has relevant experience to this question, feel free to add some input.


--Ardilla Feroz

posted on 11/05/2018 6:04 p.m.
The Aspiring Mormon Women website (http://aspiringmormonwomen.org/) has a bunch of stories about women who went into medical careers who are in different stages of life - for example: http://aspiringmormonwomen.org/2014/02/26/career-day-internal-medicine-physician/



There's also an Aspiring Mormon Women facebook discussion forum that I believe has been linked to in the archives, but if you're looking to connect with other LDS women who have explored medical (and other) careers when they have young kids, you should be able to get some great advice there.

Good luck, and embrace your "and"

- Lady D