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Question #91779 posted on 10/31/2018 11:43 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

With Halloween coming up, do you guys have any recommendations on movies, events, or activities to bring out some scares and good fun?

- Mr. Chicken


Dear the sky is NOT falling for the FIFTH TIME,

If you want a dreadful fright
And have some paper due that night
Wait until five minutes til
And then true terror you will feel

Or if you want to shake and tremble
And your mental health dissemble
Google unemployment rates
Or salaries that your major makes

Global warming's quite effective
Meant to give fearful perspective
Its effects, irreversible
In a few decades; oh, dear sir

Don't turn on the daily news
It will cause your wits to lose
Watching Miss Representation
Will cause you hyperventilation

Or what's really, really scary
Walking BYU unshaven
You'll be treated to stares like glaciers
If you never use a razor

But some real suggestions:

  • explore the darkest parts of campus at night. My Halloween night as a freshman was spent with my roommates walking down the random outdoor stairs on campus (mainly the one between the HFAC and the MOA. The first door was unlocked and it was super creepy).
  • go find the dirt room underneath the HFAC. Hint: you can only access it through a panel in the wall on the first floor. It's pretty creepy, though the mannequin parts Frère Rubik mentions aren't there anymore.
  • spend the evening in the haunted section of the HBLL.
  • Sit atop the Maeser hill, which used to be a cemetery, and tell spooky stories.
  • Go to the testing center. It's reportedly haunted, though honestly I'm already terrified of that building and it has nothing to do with ghosts.
  • Videotape your attempts to get in contact with the spirits of BYU.
  • Find a custodian to let you into the room with the cadavers in the Smith Fieldhouse. I worked there as a janitor and had to sweep and mop that room at night with the cadavers on the tables covered only by a sheet. One night one of their hands had fallen below the sheet. I absolutely hated that job because I kept envisioning the zombie apocalypse happening when I was in a closed room with four (or more) corpses at night
Sorry, I just realized all my suggestions have to do with BYU, which won't help if you're anywhere else in the world. So if you aren't at BYU, look up haunted areas around you and take your friends! At the very least you can find a deserted area at night and tell ghost stories.
As to scary movies...well, considering I had nightmares after I watched Disney's "Haunted Mansion" in 4th grade I try to avoid scary movies as much as possible. But I'm sure you could find something quite terrifying!
-guppy of doom