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Question #91789 posted on 11/12/2018 5:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've noticed that like 90% of people have decorated their laptops with a collection of stickers. What are some interesting/clever ones you've seen? Where can I obtain good, free or reasonably priced stickers for my laptop? Do any stickers damage laptops if you remove them?

-Plain Jane Laptop


Dear Jane,

Guesthouse has you all set with the question about which stickers won't hurt your laptop and such, so I'm just going to give you a small list of some of my favorites. I think that all of these come either from etsy or from the merch website of the band/group that they're from.

In no particular order:

This very good "Prose Before Bros" sticker;

A "Nevertheless, She Persisted" sticker;

This one for those working on their body positivity;

This very cool origami crane one;

One to both proclaim my favorite band and rage against the coming weather;

One to spark conversations in which you get to tell people that they should definitely go read An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green;

and finally,

One to celebrate some good good boys and their role-playing podcast.

Here you go, friend. Here are my absolute favorite stickers, only one of which actually appears on my laptop. Oh well.

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Plain Jane, 

I'm a little terrified because last week I thought to myself, my laptop is so plain! I should buy some stickers. And now I have a bunch of them... So I think past-me ghostwrote this. *shivers*

Anyway, I bought all of mine off Etsy and RedBubble. They all came on time and in great condition. I didn't do a ton of research as to what "good prices" were for stickers, but I got cheap shipping on most of them. One of my stickers was free from some company thing. Sometimes if you go to info sessions people hand out free stuff, and sometimes they're laptop stickers. 

Stickers will not damage your laptop if they are vinyl stickers. Sometimes after a lot of wear and tear, they may be a bit harder, but they should peel off, and any remaining residue is pretty easy to get off with Goo-gone or a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. If you buy cheap-o stickers that aren't vinyl, you'll probably have a lot harder time, and they may leave stuff behind. 

Any and all vine references make hilarious stickers, even though the fact that I recognize a "Road Work Ahead" sign and immediately think "Ha, I sure HOPE it does!" means that maybe I need a life. 

Here's a list of other stickers I found on my personal search that I really liked or made me laugh. I may or may not have some of them, but I'll never tell you which ones because then if you saw my laptop you would know who I was.

Paula Deen and her butter broomstick,

Houston I have so many problems,

Chris Martin from "A Sky Full of Stars" Music video [so cute it makes me cry],

Obama finger guns,

paranormal distribution,


Napoleon Dynamite Dance,

Jane Austen quote,

The Upside Down,

Newton's Cradle Apples,

the classic This Machine Kills Fascists,}

Basically, if you type "funny laptop stickers" onto either of the sites I mentioned above, there's plenty of things out there for you. 

Most people get stickers that represent them in some way. Just look up bands, books, tv-shows, topics, animals, flowers, etc. that you like, and there's probably a sticker for it.