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Question #91792 posted on 11/29/2018 4:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I remember when priesthood was early in the morning, Sunday school was later that morning and sacrament meeting was in the afternoon. Sacrament was also passed to the primary in the primary room during Sunday school. On Wednesdays my school bus took a different route to drop off all the kids at the church for Primary. Kids wore Cub Scout uniforms to school that day.

I am looking for other interesting organizational changes that have happened in the church in the past 150 years or so. There may also be things that were done differently outside of Utah. Here are some others I know about, but not necessarily experienced.

We had hymn practice in Sunday school
18 month missions for men in the 80s.
Welfare session of general conference.
Ward/Stake 70s were discontinued.
Different Hymn book for Sunday school.
Three year missions.

So, what are some other things that were done differently?

- Old, but not old enough


Dear you,

I was holding this over for Thanksgiving because I had the genius idea of asking my grandparents what Church used to be like...and then I got too caught up with family and graduate school applications and didn't even look at the Board. I'm sorry, I'm a horrible writer. (Or at least I will be over the next few weeks as I attempt to finish all my grad school applications because what is life so apologies to all readers and questioners who wanted my hot take on topics.)

Here's some stuff my coworkers and I came up with though:

  • Quorum of the 70 was organized for the first time several decades ago
  • Correlation
  • Sunday school was another day (split blocks)
  • Church welfare program
  • Mission presidents having counselors
  • Women's conference
  • Updated versions of the scriptures
  • Inclusion of certain revelations in D&C and Pearl of Great Price (i.e. Joseph Fielding Smith's vision)
  • Structure of conference
  • Videos in temples
  • Full length church films (Elder Anderson was behind that)
  • Teaching methodology stuff (what to teach which week in which class)
  • Teachings of the Prophet book
  • Preach My Gospel handbook
  • Felt boards that missionaries used (speaking of which, remember those felt church books our parents used to give us during sacrament meeting? Those were the days)
  • Missionaries used to have roll projectors
  • Wording changes in temple (1990s)

Obviously this isn't a full list and again my deepest apologies for not consulting with my grandparents last weekend. Readers, please add any other ones! 

-guppy of doom