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Question #91793 posted on 11/03/2018 11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Not quite sure if this has been addressed. But how often or do you ever just disregard a question or just decide not to answer it? Are there ever super old questions that just fall through the cracks and get forgotten about?

-Mr Patient


Dear Mister,

The only times we decide not to answer questions are when they aren't a question (we've discontinued the policy of readers submitting non-questions, and just comments instead), or when it violates Board policy. If a question violates Board policy, then it's sent to a special Editor inbox, where they decide what to do with it. In that case, the reader who submitted the question gets an email from the Board saying their question has been rejected, and the question will have a "Rejected" posted over its top in your My Questions page. However, this is pretty rare.

Barring questions being rejected for policy reasons, questions do not slip through the cracks. There's no way for us to lose them. However, we do tend to procrastinate writing up answers for sometimes ridiculous amounts of time. Judging by your question paired with your 'nym my guess is that this is what is happening to you and whatever question you asked some months ago. Sorry if I'm the one holding up your response.



Dear person,

I currently have seven very overdue to obscenely overdue questions in the inbox, so maybe one of yours is mine... I know it's dissatisfying to hear as a reader, but it's hard to write for the Board sometimes and life is complicated, and for me personally feeling like I need to do a good job and actually write something good makes me end up procrastinating the eventual answer more, because in all honesty I don't want readers to feel let-down; right now I'm struggling a little to take care of myself, and though I'm likely projecting I wouldn't be surprised if many of the other writers are as well.

So, thanks for your patience.


--Ardilla Feroz