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Question #91803 posted on 11/09/2018 1:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What percent of men have visible 6 pack abs?

-Gym Rat


Dear Bandicota indica,

In the United States, people generally wear shirts when they're out and about, so I'd guess not many. Somewhere warmer where people go without shirts more commonly and do more manual labor, say, Cameroon or Nigeria, and I'll personally attest many people are straight-up jacked.

But that's not really what you're asking me. How many people 'round these parts have defined abdominal musculature?
I can't answer with any degree of certainty, because the only articles I found were basically hearsay and pages trying to sell me some kind of muscle-building supplements. I'll refrain from opining, then, except to say well-defined abdominal muscles (pro tip: many pics of abs are Photoshopped) are not terribly common, terribly easy to achieve, noras far as I can tellterribly important.

Not, at least, compared to the abs of the Mighty Quinn, which were at last glimpsed in Board Question #71816.


--Ardilla Feroz