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Question #91806 posted on 11/07/2018 11:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I love the song playing in the background of this video. What is it and where can I find sheet music so that I can learn it?

Thank you thank you!


Dear Moana, 

It definitely is a beautiful piece! I tried to find exactly what it was, but nothing that I found actually matched the song. Often, when people make their videos, they have to find music without royalties to use so they don't get sued for using someone else's music. That means it could be some random friend's garage band creation, or they made it themselves and just recorded it... any number of things. Regardless of who made it, it's definitely not a piece you can find sheet music for. However, you may be able to listen to it and try to play it by ear? Or maybe you have a really cool friend that knows how to play things by ear that might be able to write it down for you. 

In case you did want something solid, the song that was the closest to the one in the video is called "Andromeda" by The Sarrkoo. It's not the exact right song... but close? Of course, no real sheet music for that one either... 

If anybody happens to randomly know what the piece is and wants to unburden us, please drop a correction.