"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Darrell Royal
Question #91810 posted on 11/14/2018 6:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If you were given $1 million, what would you splurge on? How about if you were given $500 million?

-Rainbow connection (who unfortunately does not have $1 million; this question is hypothetical only)


Dear Connected,

  • I would definitely want to travel--Tahiti would be really cool to visit, because unlike most places I want to go, I'll probably never have the money for Tahiti unless I get an unexpected windfall. 
  • Move into a nicer apartment until graduating from BYU, and then once my husband and I figured out where we wanted to live next, we could buy a house! Or better yet (if we got $500 million), build our dream house
  • Buy a second car so both my husband and I can actually drive to work (and pay off our loan on the car we have right now)
  • Buy so many new clothes and shoes
  • Buy so many Yankee candles like the basic white girl I am
  • Buy so many books
  • Donate to charity (probably something for underprivileged children, or Doctors Without Borders, or the Equal Justice Initiative)

Oh, and because my husband is a responsible adult, we would invest at least some of it. Honestly my plans for either $1 million and $500 million are pretty similar because I have a poor conception of money and both of those just seem like a lot to me. The scale of everything with $500 million would be bigger, though. I would travel to even more countries! I would have a different candle for every day of the year! I would donate even more to charities! My husband would insist we be even more responsible and invest even more!



Dear Rainbow,

I mean, I basically make that much every year from summer sales, but if I were given $1 million dollars I would buy a sweet muscle car to impress chicks on hot dates, and then I'd backpack across Europe. I hear France has a lot of hotties, and seeing how people live in that part of the world would make me so woke. It would be dope.

-Provo Bros


Dear Rainbow,

Honestly I would be mostly boring. With $1 million I would invest most of it for retirement and and the purchase of a house. I might take 50,000 or so and travel, but it wouldn't make any significant impact on my day to day spending.

With $500 million I would quit my job or maybe go seasonal with Disney, because I would invest the money and use the interest to start a non-profit. The majority of my time would be spent trying to use the money for good. But I would also still buy a house and some shoes and stuff.




Dear RC,

I know this is incredibly boring but I would put it in a savings account and just live more comfortably knowing I won't ever go into debt. 

My view of suddenly gaining a lot of money has markedly darkened since reading this article.

Money changes people, yo.

-guppy of doom


Dear Aziraphale,

I would invest at least half of the sum, and use the rest in the following ways:

  1. Finance my upcoming trip to Japan.
  2. Buy groceries more than once a month, and buy some of the more expensive foods, like meat, hummus, more fresh  and exotic fruits and veggies, cheese, and any of the ingredients I might need for my planned menu (which would actually exist since I would feel rich enough to buy ingredients for a specific dish).
  3. Buy lots and lots of books.
  4. Build upon my small art collection.
  5. Actually take myself clothes shopping as opposed to relying on my birthday and Christmas for new clothes.
  6. Start a collection of fine oils and balsamic vinegars. Seriously, guys, this is one of my life goals. Some people have fine wine collections, I want to have a fine oil and balsamic vinegar collection.



Dear if I had a million dollars,

I would buy you a monkey.
Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Besides that, I would buy a piece of property in the rapidly appreciating downtown Salt Lake City area and maybe build a rental property there. Boring, but practical, and if this were the choice frankly half a million or a million dollars probably wouldn't be enough, which is why I'll actually just live in a box instead. Maybe a refrigerator box, if I can find one on sale. Because who didn't want to live in a refrigerator box as a child? Or as a wizened person?

I'd also purchase buy really expensive ketchups with it. That's right, all the fanciest dijon ketchups.

And purchase an assortment of virtual reality equipment. Yep.


--Ardilla Feroz