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Question #91811 posted on 11/09/2018 11:33 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is your least favorite food? Why?

-Rainbow connection


Dear RC,

Okra. It is slimy and disgusting and I don't know how people enjoy the feeling of a slug sliding down their throat. Especially fried okra because you think "oh it's fried it must not be slimy anymore!" but it's a lie.

-guppy of doom


Dear Friendly Skittles,

Mashed squash because it has a super gross, slimy texture, tastes like vomit, and still triggers my gag reflex.



Dear slime-dizzly,

Of all the foods I've ever sampled, fermented shark (in Icelandic, Kæstur hákarl) this last May in Iceland was by far the worst. Slimy, sweet, reeking of ammonia and maxed-out levels of fishiness, I gagged and quite nearly vomited while trying to eat it as I rushed through the Keflavík airport.I did manage to eat my chunk, though, and nearly took it with me to England (waste not, want not, amirite?) but some things apparently weren't meant to board planes and my brother tossed it before it could make someone on our flight toss their cookies.

Allegedly, the flesh is fermented for a number of weeks or months underground to neutralize high urea levels in the flesh that make it toxic without prior preparation.

One positive thing was when we searched it out in the supermarket an older Icelandic gentleman was very pleased we were seeking out a traditional, nasty Icelandic food.

One negative thing is that now I've eaten the vertebrate species of animal with the longest lifespanone individual was thought to be as old as 392 yearsI am likely cursed and consigned to die an early, slow, and agonizing death, which given the circumstances is probably deserved. I regret my mistake, but alas, it's too late for me now.


--Ardilla Half-Lifed

P.S. Bonus internet comic about the Nordic Lands' love affair with rotten fermented fish.

P.P.S. I clearly have zero moral high ground about this issue and speak from the depths of hypocrisy, but we should probably not eat these disgusting creatures. So put your slimed shark sandwich down, sir, and let's get back to eating spoonfuls of the good stuffCrisco®.