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Question #91821 posted on 12/04/2018 1:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Ninjas,

I love opossums. A LOT. But I have never seen one in real life. On December 15, I will be in central Florida (driving from Orlando to Miami.) Is there any place that has possums for me to visit? All possums are my favorite possums.


Opossum My Possum


Dear 'possum-bly,

It sounds like you will absolutely see 'possums in Florida on your drive... probably dead on the road, so drive carefully. 

If you're interested in a story about people who rescue orphaned possums from their mother's pouches on the road and take them to rescue centers, read along here.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Possum,

As the Florida resident I can tell you there are opossums all over the place but most of Google seems to be devoted to how to get rid of them. However, I have one hypothetical option: Wild Florida.

This is their website, and I found this 2015 blog post stating they have opossums. Unfortunately I can’t find any more recent confirmation, but since they are a ubiquitous Florida animal, I think there’s a good chance they still have them.

Have so much fun in Orlando! Let me know if you need any Disney advice.




Dear you,

Just wanted to say a woman from my mission had a pet possum and we got to hold it. It was actually somewhat cute. I tried looking for the pictures we took with it but alas, they're too far gone. (I think they're on a hard drive somewhere back home.) But just know one day you too could own a pet possum.

-guppy of doom