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Question #91825 posted on 12/07/2018 1:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? It could be something that you do alone, with your family, spouse, whatever!

-That Person Who Wishes They Could Decorate For Christmas Now


Dear You Can If You Want To, 

  • Annual Christmas PJs
  • Trans Siberian Orchestra Jam sessions, because nothing is funnier or cuter than watching your younger siblings in an air-band. 
  • Sibling Gifts, even though I hate Bananagrams and now have an insane number of bright rainbow socks. 
  • Fancy Christmas morning waffles with ALL the fixin's. 
  • Finding the perfect gifts for my friends and family
  • Wrapping gifts super nice (I'm a bit crazy for pretty ribbons and such) 
  • Writing Christmas letters and getting to use my wax seal 
  • Being done with finals

Dear You,

I have so many! I'm so excited for Christmas. This year I'm going to try and bring back an old family tradition. My great grandma used to throw a huge Christmas party centered around making gingerbread houses. It was the event of the year and it was the one time all the extended family got together. I'm gonna throw one this year and I'm excited. Here are some of my other favorite traditions:

  • Listening to Christmas music on the radio and trying to guess the next song to come on
  • Driving around looking at Christmas lights
  • Lights on Temple Square
  • Light the World
  • Hot chocolate
  • Christmas Pajamas
  • When we wake up Christmas morning, all of the gifts are hidden around the house
  • Charlie Brown Christmas, Polar Express, Muppet  Carol, Arthur Christmas, animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Christmas Story
  • My brother makes this amazing fruit cake we eat for breakfast on Christmas morning
  • We go to the dollar store to buy stocking stuffers for each other
  • College football bowl games
  • Decorating the Christmas tree as a family.
  • Singing and dancing to Christmas music around the house
  • Setting up the nativity scene on Christmas Eve
  • Waiting at the top of the stairs at 7:00 am and waiting for our parents to let us open presents
  • Relaxing from finals

Peace (on Earth good will to men),




My parents would booby trap the stairs. We all slept upstairs and the Christmas tree was downstairs, so as kids we would wake up reeeeeeally early (my parents had a rule we couldn't wake them up until 7) and try and sneak downstairs to look in our stockings. My parents did everything—fake spiderwebs with bells attached, tying doors together (thankfully I had scissors in my room), fishing line strung across the stairs, pots and pans balanced precariously on ledges, hula hoops, bubble wrap, and mouse traps. (They later told us the last one was a mistake, but no one lost any fingers so I say it was a stroke of genius.)

Two years ago my sister and I got past all the traps to find THEY HAD LOCKED ALL THE PRESENTS IN THE OUTDOOR ROOM. They had found a tricky way of locking the main door so it would be extremely noisy to open, and the other door (which opened to the outside) could only be locked and unlocked from the inside (or so we all thought). So obviously we found some devilishly tricky way to open and then re-lock the other door after moving all our presents into the living room. Our parents were mystified when they came downstairs to find the presents in the living room and the outdoor room still locked. Best Christmas ever.

I am most definitely doing this to my future kids.

-guppy of doom


Dear Aziraphale,

Well, now it’s that Christmas break has no homework in it.



Dear you,

1. I get unreasonably excited about playing All I Want For Christmas Is You, which is one of the GREATEST SECULAR CHRISTMAS SONGS OF ALL TIME (fight me).

2. I like to find a Handel's Messiah Sing-In, but don't do this every year so idk that it really counts as a tradition.

3. I like Christmas chocolates. Sometimes I make them, sometimes I just eat the ones my grandparents make. This year I'm making them AND I live close to my grandparents so they're coming down to help me dip them tomorrow. YAY!

4. I like to watch Christmas movies - White Christmas, MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, Scrooge, the classic animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc.

5. I like to eat way too much yummy Christmas food.


~Anne, Certainly