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Question #91842 posted on 11/18/2018 2 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board

What is it like to date at Byu in 2018?

-My Name Here


Dear you,

I have no idea.

~Anathema, who is a single undergrad at BYU 


Dear friend, 

I'm terrified to ever find out. From what I can surmise from meme pages, not good. 


Guesthouse - who has only ever seriously dated one person and is very grateful for that.


Dear you,

Honestly, as much fun as making fun of dating at BYU is, there are aspects about dating at BYU that are really positive. Sometimes dating at BYU can be awkward or weird; and there are some people out there that are just bizzare/and or terrible, but there's a lot of great things about the dating scene. Here are a few:

  • Quantity of Social Interactions: Dating is a lot easier when you around other people and talk to them (citation needed). This seems really obvious, but people who are living at home and working might only interact with a few co-workers everyday. As a full-time student at BYU you're in at least 4 classes, you have people in your apartment, other people in your ward, and that's just the bare minimum. Even if you're anti-social or in a committed relationship with your school work, you're probably meeting a lot of people. This isn't even counting FHE groups, clubs, parties etc.
  • Quantity of Activities: Dating requires people and an activity. It's hard to ask people out on dates when there aren't fun, cheap things to do. There are so many things to do in Provo. BYU has a dollar theatre, cheap concerts, sporting events, museums, is close to all sorts of outdoor activities, and if that still isn't enough there's like a gazillion and a half events on Facebook every weekend. There really isn't an excuse for having nothing to do. If anything, Hulu + Spotify is only $6 a month as a student so what more could you want? (Fun fact: There is literally nothing to do in Rexburg, which is why so many BYU Idaho students get married straight-up boredom).
  • Interesting, Attractive People: College is a place filled with people who like to learn and are investing in their future. People have so many different interests, hobbies, and cultural backgrounds. You have to be pretty smart to get in, and BYU students are good-looking. Plus, there are 30,000+ undergrads at BYU and another 30,000+ at UVU. There are so many amazing people that there's bound to be plenty of people out there that you would be interested in (that hopefully would be interested in you as well).
  • People Living Gospel Standards: For many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there wasn't a very big dating pool of people who shared their religious beliefs growing up. That's not to say that there weren't people with positive standards, but BYU is a place where everyone has agreed to live the Honor Code. There are still jerks, and sadly there's still sexual assault that goes on, but just living in a place where most people are trying to live a clean life, treat others in a Christlike manner, and don't drink alcohol does wonders toward creating a positive and safe environment.
  • People are Open to Dating: In my experience, BYU is a great atmosphere for asking people out on dates. In a lot places and situations, asking someone out might seem really serious, but I think the casual low-commitment first date is still alive and well at BYU. I think most single people are generally open to going on at least one date if you get up the courage to ask. I can't guarantee you everyone will say yes, or that you'll get any second dates, but in general I think BYU is a pretty chill place where it's pretty easy to get a date.
  • Multiple Levels of Seriousness: At some places, it's really hard to find people that are looking for a serious relationship, and at other places it's hard to find people that are looking for anything but eternal marriage (*cough BYU-Idaho *cough). I think BYU is unique that it covers the whole spectrum. If you aren't looking for anything serious and you just want to go ice skating or watch a movie there are plenty of people on the same boat. If you're looking for your eternal companion you can do that too. Whatever your current mood is there's a place for you in Provo. 
My personal experience at BYU has been pretty good. I've had some terribly awkward dates, I've had some rejections, and I've had a lot of first dates that haven't lead to second dates. But I've got some great stories, and even all those dates that didn't turn out that well were still pretty fun (especially if we got ice cream). The dating scene in Provo isn't perfect, but it's fun and there are plenty of people willing to go on dates. Provo might not be your cup of tea, but I think compared to other places, it's pretty good gosh dang it.

(Defending the Provo dating scene because he's from Rexburg. At the very least Provo ain't Rexburg)

Dear you,


Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite board questions ever.

~Anne, Certainly