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Question #91854 posted on 11/29/2018 4:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is anyone here heard of Carol Tuttle? What’s your type? Do you think she’s serious at all or do you think it’s probably pretty bunk. Would you ever follow her fashion advice? Ever read any of her books? Any thoughts?

-Type 1


Dear Number One,

Well, after reading this question I've heard of Carol Tuttle. From a brief read through of the different types she presents (which I found here), I relate the most to type 4.

I really like the idea of celebrating every person's innate and unique beauty, however I don't think there exists a clear connection between types of inner beauty and fashion. Like, I don't believe that personality traits translate into certain styles looking physically better on a person. Don't get me wrong here--fashion and style can be a great way to express our personality, but I don't think our personality informs what looks best on us. That said, I don't doubt that Carol Tuttle is skilled at giving women fashion advice that promotes their natural beauty. And I also don't doubt that if women feel like their style complements their personality, it is possible for them to have more confidence, resulting in them actually looking better (because I believe that when a person is confident about their appearance, they tend to look better).

So I guess the bottom line of my rambling is that no, I don't think that "dressing to your type" is a real thing, but I do believe Carol Tuttle is able to give good fashion advice that makes women feel more confident and in alignment with themselves. So, Tuttle gets real results, but not for the reasons she markets.

I wouldn't ever solicit any of Tuttle's fashion advice, mainly because I really like my personal sense of fashion and current style. If I happened upon her fashion advice (unlikely), and if I agreed with part of it, and decided myself that I liked that kind of style, then I would follow that one part I liked. But that's my general rule for everything: I only do/follow things after deciding for myself that I want to. I wouldn't ever read any Tutttle's books, though. I like reading most everything, but honestly, there are so many other good books out there for me to waste my time on reading something I'm not interested in.



Dear Nitrogen, 

I have heard about her philosophy, and my aunt lives by it. I think it's far too simplistic. Sure, there is value in learning to sort ourselves out into different categories... it help us identify who we are. If her typing and style guides work for you, more power to ya. I just think I don't fit nicely into any category, and they're far too general to really mean anything. I'd say I'm probably some sort of mix between a type 4 and type 3. 

I'm not going to read her book because I don't want to pay for something I think is pretty much fake science. I sometimes look at the different type-inspired wardrobes on Pinterest just to see... but quite frankly, I think I like aspects of all of them. I don't think there is any direct connection between which type you are, what you look like, and what kinds of clothing looks best on you or "matches your energy." Really, I think fashion should be about dressing in things that you like and make you feel comfortable. 

Tuttle's ideologies are interesting, and certainly reading about the types can get you thinking about yourself and help further your individual image, but I definitely believe it's mostly just one of those kinds of people who sells their ideas for lots of money even though at the core of it they aren't that great. 




Dear uno,

My friend is obsessed with this. I'm a 4 and 1. I honestly think most of the writers of the Board are probably 4s.

Everyone has been trying to understand personalities for the longest time—you can find various tests everywhere online—and I honestly don't know how much more accurate this one is. I feel like if you can stick humans into only four groups, you're probably missing something or you're too obsessed with avatar the last airbender.

-guppy of doom