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Question #91859 posted on 11/26/2018 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

-My Name Here


Dear Classic, 

Working on my sociology research proposal, completing a religion paper, doing some statistical programming, and starting Christmas shopping. 

And of course, filling myself near to bursting with all the Thanksgiving goods and taking a long nap. 




Dear you,

I normally have Thursdays off, but I had a fit of niceness and agreed to swap days with my coworker so he could spent Thanksgiving with his family. So I worked 12-8:30, eating the free Thanksgiving lunch from work, then after work I went to Disney Springs and saw The Crimes of Grindelwald. Which did not impress me, but it was a nice Thanksgiving.




Dear person,

Read most of a 668 page book that I should have read earlier in the semester. Study for a midterm based largely on said book. Also complete a final project based on it. 



Dear Aziraphale,

Study for the general GRE, solve lots of coding problems on HackeRank to develop/practice my coding interview skills, scrape lots of data, recreate a network structure out of that data, make new networks from the data, learn how to implement group finding algorithms in python, relearn K-clustering coefficients and how to effectively interpret them, use regex to get more information out of some strings I scraped, learn how to parallelize my computing processes, re do several homework assignments for my one class that I don't take seriously cause it's an art class for the GE requirement (seriously, it's the class I have currently have the worst grade in--art for elementary ed majors, not any of my ACME classes or graduate classes), apply for lots of jobs, and finally get around to answering some of my way overdue questions on here. 

And yes, this is still more relaxing than one of my typical weeks.



Dear YNH,

I plan on eating a ridiculous amount of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie. I also plan on watching ALL the football and getting ALL the sleep. I love Thanksgiving.




Dear Your Nym,

Read a whole bunch of books for fun, eat far too much pie, and catch up on all my overdue Board answers. Oh, and probably win a bet with my husband about who will win the BYU-Utah football game (my money's on the Utes).