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Question #91861 posted on 11/25/2018 10:50 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are any of you temple ordinance workers that could share your thoughts on it? I recently found out that my bishop recommended me to be an ordinance worker. I'm honored and flattered, and trying to decide if I'm going to accept. I think it's a cool opportunity and I'm sure I'd learn a lot, but I've got a couple concerns. Maybe these are petty concerns, but that's partially why I'm asking. First, the temple is a couple hours' drive from me and frankly I don't look forward to making that trip any more often. Second, I have a beard (a blessing of being graduated!) that I like and get lots of compliments on. Do ordinance workers still have to be clean shaven, or has that changed?

-trying to decide


Dear you,

It appears as though none of us are temple ordinance workers. However, I have several friends who either are or have been workers. From some of them, they really love it. It gives them a great spiritual boost, and they love spending that extra time in the temple. From another friend, they noticed that the longer they were an ordinance worker, the more banal and everyday the ordinances became to them. It was harder for them to give the ordinances the same internal importance as they had before, because it was just what they did.

Unfortunately, I don't know for sure if the clean shaven requirement has changed, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't. However, while looking for a more definite answer for that, I came across this blog post about what it's like to be an ordinance worker you may be interested in reading.

Good luck deciding!


posted on 11/25/2018 7:34 p.m.
I can confirm that the beard requirement is unchanged. Temple ordinance workers must be clean shaven when they are in the temple.

The Man with(out) a Mustache
posted on 11/25/2018 7:34 p.m.
You will probably have to shave. Being a temple worker is closest to serving a full-time mission I have ever been as far as standards go.

Provo has over 1,000 called temple workers and they asked the full-time ordinance workers to put in a 6-hour shift weekly. If you couldn't come almost every week, then they asked you to to get released because they need dependable temple workers to keep all of the trains running on time.

HOWEVER, they also had veil workers that worked like 3 hours weekly. All they did was work at the veil without doing any other ordinances.

The place I am at now has a small temple and most people have to drive more than an hour to reach it. The temple is not open all day. They do have time intensive ordinance workers, but also people who show up regularly as veil workers that will do their session and then help a little bit extra.

All of this requires an interview with the temple presidency. I would talk with them and see if they have something that could be reasonable to your schedule. If it's a small temple, they tend to be much more flexible. Temple work is one of those things in the church that is truly on a volunteer basis. Serve as you are both willing and able.