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Question #91869 posted on 11/30/2018 7:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

If someone says they are terrible at lying, should you believe them?

-My Name is Not Here


Dear Of-Course-That's-Not-Your-Name,

I think it depends on the context. I am in the category of bad liars, and I often make a point of bringing it up to people. I like to give people a heads-up so that they don't get disappointed when I'm bad at games like Werewolf and Secret Hitler. I also like to tell people I'm bad at lying and keeping secrets so that they don't ask me to cover for them or trick someone. Basically, I tell people I'm a bad liar if I think that would be useful or helpful to them. So I feel like if they're telling you they're a bad liar for your own good, they're probably telling the truth.

On the other hand, telling people that you're a bad liar is a great cover for lying. I try this sometimes in werewolf. It doesn't always work because I am bad at lying. But if people know how bad I am at the game I can occasionally pull it off. So basically if you think that they're using being a bad liar as a cover for lying, you should be suspicious.

Truthfully yours,

Tipperary the Bad Liar

(Or am I?)


Dear you,

Wait, I know this one. You have to ask them if their brother would say they're a terrible liar.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear you, 

Depending on the situation, I am an excellent liar. I have acted to the point that my own mother who knew I was acting believed the act. Do I like to emphasize this aspect of my personality, or the fact I’m uncommonly good at manipulating people? Definitely not. I don’t claim the contrary either, though.