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Question #91878 posted on 12/01/2018 11 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This is what I heard on NPR before they were getting back to the news. They said that in Houston Texas a Bank of America ATM machine started giving out $100 bills whenever a 10 was requested. Someone talked about it on social media and that ATM started getting used significantly which notified them of the problem. This is the interesting part. According to NPR, Bank Of America said that the people who got hundreds when they should have gotten tens could keep it, happy holidays.

Why do you think Bank Of America let obvious wrongdoers whom they of course could exactly identify keep fraudulently gotten gains in the name of PR?



Dear Jon,

There were probably cases when people meant to get $10 and got more than they'd intended, so it's hard to prosecute people based on intent (not a lawyer, no idea if it's really the case). In the end, though, there's no way they're getting the money back, legal expenses to do so would likely outweigh anything recovered, and in the end, like you've already said, they get some sweet, sweet PR probably worth far more than whatever they might have paid to get it otherwise.


--Ardilla Feroz