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Question #91894 posted on 12/13/2018 6:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your thoughts on the song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside"?

-Christmas time is here


Dear happiness and cheer, 

I've heard a lot of "It's creepy and is super rape culture-y! He's harassing her!" lately. I haven't ever thought that when I listened to it. I guess I just lived a life of naivety where I thought they were just super in love and wanted to spend more time together, not that the man in the song is trying to manipulate her or anything.  

Do I think it's a creepy song now? Yes. Since it was pointed out to me, I listen to it and think this just perpetuates super bad rape culture! And I don't think it's a great song. Now it's just on my list of "Why did we have to sexualize Christmas??????" songs (along with "Santa Baby", the worst Christmas song ever.) 

But also... I'm not gonna never watch Elf again just because I think the song is kinda awful. 




Dear you,

All I have to say is that I saw this meme about "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and I do not think I've ever seen a more relatable meme.

Meme 1 for real.jpg  (source)

Also, there are several memes about presidential debates between Trump and Clinton being funnier if you imagine they're singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" as a duet. I must agree.

 Meme 1 and 2.jpg (source)

That is all.




Dear Christmas, 

Putting aside all of the ways in which it's a creep factory, as all my co-writers have covered that pretty well, I just think it's not a very good song. I think it's not especially well-written, well-sung, or catchy. I'm kind of picky when it comes to Christmas songs, though. My absolute favorite album of Christmas songs is a compilation of classics that was put out by the Mars (you know, the candy?) company that you could get by sending in barcodes from bags of M&Ms. It's truly the most amazing album

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Christmas,

It's a creepy rape-y song. And I see arguments everywhere where people say, "Oh, but in the time it was written it was actually not creepy and rape-y, because women were looked down on for staying the night with a man, so he's trying to give her excuses to stay without being judged by all her neighbors." Cool. But how many people listening to the song understand that? People shouldn't have to understand the sexual culture from over 70 years ago in order to not feel like a song is advocating for rape. Yes, it still has a catchy tune, yes, I'll still listen to it when it comes on the radio, but you won't ever find me deliberately adding it to a Christmas playlist.


posted on 12/17/2018 12:13 a.m.
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