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Question #91899 posted on 12/29/2018 2:58 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I live in Orem. (Rocky Mountain Power) Is there a way to find out if I get my electricity from the Deer Creek Hydroelectric Plant, or if it's from coal fired generators?

Tired of Solar Salesmen.


Dear Tired,

So the Deer Creek Hydroelectric Plant sells its power to several different agencies (source). I wasn't able to find out whether or not Rocky Mountain Power was one of those, but it seems likely. On Rocky Mountain Power's website they list their generation facilities and of their 72 they have (source):

  • Coal-fueled facilities - 10 total
  • Hydroelectric facilities - 41 total plants
  • Natural gas facilities - 7 total
  • Wind facilities - 13 total
  • Geothermal facilities - 1 total

Now their website doesn't list power out put for those sites, and it's likely that the coal-fueled and natural gas facilities produce more power than the hydroelectric and wind facilities, but it seems likely that a good part of your energy comes from hydroelectric. It's hard to tell exactly where your power comes from because the electricity from power plants go to transmission stations and then onto the grid, so it gets mixed up, but maybe if you called Rocky Mountain Power they'd be able to give you more exact information. Hope this helps!