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Question #91904 posted on 12/20/2018 4:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I got a new set of scriptures a couple of years ago, but still haven't made any markings in them yet because I haven't found a note-taking system that I really like. I feel like on previous scripture sets my highlighting and note-taking turns into a jumbled mess of colors.

What sort of methodologies and approaches have you found that help you organize and study the scriptures?



Dear Son of Lehi, 

Typically I highlight my favorite verses in my favorite color, so it doesn't become a jumbled mess because it's all the same color. 

Also, when I was in seminary I got into the habit of having a separate scripture journal to take notes in. I would write the date at the top and then leave a space where I could write in which verses I got through that day and then I'd write down notes for those verses. That way, the notes don't clog up the pages of the scripture set. 

Making small comments next to the verses you highlight will help you remember why it was important to you and connect it to the notes you take. 

Another thing I did once that I really liked was highlighting verses from each book in a different color (1 Nephi was teal, 2 Nephi was orange, Alma was magenta, etc. etc.) There was no real purpose to this, but flipping through it later was really fun to look at. 

Honestly, I think the highlighting doesn't need to be some complicated system, and I think notes are best when they read sort of like a journal and focus mostly on your thoughts and feelings. 

Good luck working it out!