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Question #91914 posted on 12/29/2018 2:58 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am gone on trips many weekends of the school year, however, I attend full 3-hour church meetings while on these trips regularly. I have a calling in my ward, but it does not require Sunday attendance to fulfill, and I attend all of my committee's meetings and am very active in its activities. But my Bishop told me that I am inactive, although I am at church usually at least 2 times a month, and sometimes I don't always get the roll. Because of this, he said he would not give me an ecclesiastical endorsement, nor would he allow me to start mission papers. And told me that he doesn't believe that I am on trips or have missed roll. Does he have the grounds to do this or say this to me?
He said that if I am going on a mission I can't go on trips anymore, but these trips are usually to see family for specific purposes. I am honestly just kind of hurt by the way he expressed this to me, it seemed very harsh and I felt like he really looks down on me as a person based on the way he fed me back my descriptions of what I was doing. I just don't' feel very comfortable in my ward anymore, and I don't want to move, but is there any way for me to move my records to my homeward to which I will be returning to in a month and a half?

-The Hurt Traveler


Dear Hurt, 

In my experience, you either have a YSA bishop who is an angel and amazing and understanding and loving and helps you be a better person... or you get the rare ones who are hard to work with and a little dismissive. Seems like you've landed with the latter. Bishops are still people, and they make their own judgment calls on this kind of stuff. I don't think it's super fair for him to just say he doesn't believe you point-blank or tell you whether or not you're "allowed" to go on trips. But he is the one in charge of your endorsements and papers process... so he does technically have the authority to make those calls. I don't agree with him from what you've said, but such is life sometimes.

Luckily for you, I have several friends who have had something similar happen to them, and it's pretty easy to transfer your records back to your home ward when you're moving back home. I would get in contact with your home ward bishop and/or clerk and ask them to pull your records back into that ward. All they need is your birthday, basically. Explain the situation and that you HAVE been going to church all of those weeks. Hopefully, your home ward bishop is a little more understanding. Sorry you got stuck in that situation, it's the pits.