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Question #91917 posted on 12/29/2018 2:59 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What temple has the highest altitude?

-The Old Bookshop


Dear Bookworm, 

When I compiled the list of elevations for each temple, I included the ones that have been announced but not built yet. The altitudes are approximations based on the location of the temple.

The 5 highest are:

1) Quito, Ecuador ~ 9350 ft

2) Bogota, Colombia ~ 8660 ft

3) Cochabamba, Bolivia ~ 8392 ft

4) Arequipa, Peru ~ 7661 ft

5) Mexico City, Mexico ~ 7382 ft


And, since all anyone could ever want is statistics about the elevation of LDS temples, here's some of that: 

Average Elevation: 1778.5 ft

Median Elevation: 671.5 ft

Mode: 33 ft

3rd quartile: 3108.75 ft

1st quartile: 89.75 ft

Outliers: All of the top 4 highest temples are outliers. 


Aaaaand in case you're a more visual person, here's a chart:

Temple elevation stats.jpg