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Question #91918 posted on 12/29/2018 6:51 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are some goof examples of """villains""" who LITERALLY did nothing wrong?

-Messrs. Palpatine, Thanos, Ozymandias, Kira, and the Wicked Witch of the West


Dear Villains,

Not all villains are created equal. Some are truly awful and deserving of all hate, but some are misunderstood. There's obviously way too many for me to cover, so I'll hit some highlights.

Villains who didn't really do anything wrong:

  • Ursula: She has some shady business deals, but Ariel agreed to sell her voice/soul and didn't follow up with her end of the contract. Ursula just upholds the deal
  • Te Ka/Te Fiti: She turns into a volcano monster because Maui stole her heart. It's not her fault and she turns back to normal. Come to think of it the weird crab Tamatoa doesn't really do anything wrong either. He finds Maui's hook and only bothers the hero's because they come to steal from him
  • Mr. Rooney: Ferris Bueller pulls a bunch of antics that are clearly against school rules and all Mr. Rooney does is tries to keep order as the Principal of the School.
Villains that aren't really that bad:
  • Hal 9000: Hal 9000 is programmed to guarantee the success of the mission. He just tries to do his job and gets defensive when the astronauts try to unplug him. 
  • Gaston: He's obviously a misogynistic jerk, but his actions make sense in the context of what's going on. Belle and her father get kidnapped by a monster and he tries to protect the village against that threat. Him trying to put Maurice in an insane asylum is awful, but most of the village believed he was crazy and would've done the same thing. It's hard to have sympathy with him though because of how dislikable he is.

Good motivation, bad methods:

  • The Joker (in The Dark Night): For part of the movie Joker is more effective at fighting the crime and corruption than Batman. He could arguably considered a hero for part of the film. However, blowing up a hospital and holding civilians hospital are definitely evil. So in the end Joker is desrving of the title of villain
  • Killmonger: Killmonger wants to use vibranium to help the outside world. He helps convince T'Challa to aid the outside world, and when he took over he did so through the proper channels. Starting revolutions might not be the best way to help the world, but from a different perspective he would be the hero. Although he has good intentions, he shoots his girlfriend, kills Zuri, burns the heartshape herb, chokes Ramonda, and killed lots of people while retrieving the vibranium tools from the museum.

Now, I won't comment all the one's you listed, but Palpatine and Thanos did plenty wrong. Palpatine overthrew a republic and instituted a totalitarian dictatorship,and literally ordered the killing of younglings. Thanos is the star of Infinity War and is considered by many to be a good guy. I don't buy it and I will tell you why. If you want to stop reading right now the rest of my answer is just about Thanos

*steps on soap box

 Thanos Meme.PNG

People who side with Thanos argue that he didn't lie and that he didn't kill anyone he didn't have to but both of those are false. He lied to Eitri and then killed everyone else on his planet. He lies to Gamora about not knowing where the Soul Stone was to manipulate her into being there so he could kill her. He slaughtered Drax's entire planet except for him. He was torturing Nebula just for fun long before Gamora even showed up. The icing on the cake is that his plan is stupid.

He could've doubled the universe's resources, or doubled the efficiency of technology, or eliminated pollution, or halved the need for food, or instituted a 2 child policy like China or one of many other better solutions. Also, some populations might be headed toward depleting the resources on their planet, but most are reusable. Basic high school biology teaches that populations typically level off instead of collapsing. Thanos needlessly killed half the population of planets that would've been fine anyways. Also, by halving the population of the Earth he only set back our population clock about 50 years. Thanos would need to snap every 50 years to keep the population of Earth in check so his entire idea is unsustainable and doesn't really solve anything. What a stupid plan.

Disagree? Fight me.



posted on 12/31/2018 8:36 a.m.
This is where we fight, right?

Ursula meddled in Ariel and Eric's budding relationship to keep them from kissing, including enchanting Eric to make him forget about her. That's not exactly "upholding the deal."

I've only seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off once, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Rooney does some shady stuff in his zeal to prove Ferris' truancy. I'm pretty sure breaking into someone's house isn't nothing wrong.

I don't think The Joker's motives were "good." In fact, I don't he had any specific motivation other than causing chaos. They even say in the movie that he just wants to watch the world burn. Even if his actions led to a reduction in crime, that certainly wasn't his goal.

You're totally right about Thanos though.

-The Entomophagist