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Question #91922 posted on 01/12/2019 7:28 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What do you do when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up? It can be as simple or extravagant as you want.

-Rainbow connection


Dear prism,

It depends a lot on what's got me down. You feel me? I'll give you my of pick-me-ups along with when I typically use them:

  • Take a walk: Walks are so therapeutic. My favorite time to take walks is late at night when I'm on campus. It's even better if it's snowing or lightly raining. Walks are my go to for steady breaks. Long walks are also my go to when I've got a tough decision In need to work through or need to clear my mind.
  • Go for a drive and blast music: This is my go to for dating issues. There's something magical about going fast and jamming out that nothing else can do. Music is especially great cause it hits all the moods.
  • Take a nap: I'm not typically a napper but man college is too good at disrupting my sleep. If there's not time to nap, then caffeine is a good substitute.
  • Take a shower: Taking a shower is so nice after a long day. It feels great to have warm water washing over you. I also like the symbolism of washing troubles away. Showering is one of my favorites when I just have too much going on.
  • Clean my room. I'm not the most organized person, but when I have a hard time organizing my thoughts I like to clean my room. Cleaning is also really great when things are out of control in my life because it's nice to be able to control something.
  • Vent to someone: This is my go to when I'm frustrated or can't process my emotions. Just talking to someone does a good job of getting your feelings out, and the sympathy and support is really good to. If it's not too big of a deal I usually text my dad. If it's really bad I usually vent to my cousin Auto Surf. Shout out to her for being really good to vent to.
  • Ice cream: This pretty much works for like anything. Ice cream is health food for the soul. Also, the sugar boost is great for when I'm low on energy. I'm a big fan of ice cream sundae's from the creamery, but if I'm stuck in the engineering building cosmic brownies are pretty good too. Passion fruit ice cream is literally the best ever a nd solves everything for me. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Thanks for asking this question. It's actually been really therapeutic to write about. Come to think of it writing for the 100 Hour Board is also pretty theraputic.




Dear Kermit (I thought I was super clever for calling you that, then I saw that Guesthouse did it first),

I have a few surefire ways to cheer myself up. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Those people sure know how to bake. Also, there are usually some baby sheep that you get to see.
  • Eating Chinese food. Now, I know that it's not super healthy to have food as one of the ways you reward yourself for getting through a bad day, but Panda Express is just too delicious for me to care. It's my go-to "special treat" meal.
  • Painting my nails! Whether it's my toenails or my fingernails, having a pretty color on them always helps. Also, it's some good time that you can just take for yourself.
  • Solo dance parties. Now... I'm not a very good dancer. I also love dancing. Solo dance parties are the solution to this conundrum. Bonus points if it's in the shower and you're straight up rocking out to some amazing music.
  • If all else fails, I call my mom. I'm very lucky to have a mom that is very supportive and loving, and always encourages me. She's also flipping hilarious, and I love hearing about her daily hijinks.

-Quixotic Kid


Dear Kermit, 

  • Drink smoothies or eat popsicles. I don't know why.
  • Stress bake. Especially bread. The kneading is therapeutic.  
  • Lay down and listen to music. Jason Mraz, George Winston, and the ol' classic Coldplay are my go-to's. 
  • Take a bath or shower. Baths involve bath bombs. Those things are freaking miraculous. 
  • Light a candle. 
  • Do the dishes, vacuum the floor, etc. Do something productive that I may have been neglecting.
  • Cry. It's very effective. 
  • Talk it out with my boyfriend. Even if he's the one that upset me.
  • Snuggle up in a soft blanket and watch comedy specials on Netflix / Youtube.
  • Go visit my family. I have twin younger brothers who are like 3 and they're hilarious. 
  • Go for a run
Also, thank you for always submitting thoughtful and fun-to-answer questions. As a writer, I'm really grateful for you :)

Dear you,

Like Tipperary, it depends why I feel in need of cheering up. If I need to complain about a person or situation, I’ll text a friend or call my mom and vent my feelings. If I don’t want to share them with anyone just yet, I’ll go for a walk and listen to my favorite playlist and try to sort everything out with vigorous thinking.

If I’m just feeling overall frustrated with life, I’ll do something I usually don’t let myself do, like buy something unnecessary or eat ice cream for breakfast or watch Netflix while I enjoy a hot bath.

And sometimes I just need a good cry. The moments where crying feels most therapeutic tend to align with my menstrual cycle, and crying my feelings out once a month somehow makes life much easier to handle.

If I’m feeling starved for physical touch, which I don’t get very often because I’m particular about it, I’ll hug my roommate’s cat. He gets a lot of hugs and he has slowly learned to tolerate them. A dog would be preferable, but I work with what I have.




Dear Leprechaun,

I make myself some hot chocolate (legit hot chocolate from scratch--nothing from a mix) with cinnamon mixed in and pop popcorn (not from a bag, mind you, but stove top popcorn). Then I'll curl up under a blanket and read a good book while listening to my favorite music. This past semester I got really into podcasts, and now one of my favorite things to do to treat myself is listening to one (I tend to treat myself quite a lot in this regard). Other times, I'll get up super early and buy some of the first kolaches from the shop on Center Street. Finally, doing yoga and meditating is a huge stress-reliever for me.

When it comes to slightly more extravagant pick-me-ups, I buy a new book to read.



Dear Rainbow,

Like Tipperary, it depends on what's got me feeling down. But following is a list of things that I have used at some point or other when I'm down than tend to help me feel better.

  • Write in my journal. Sometimes this means writing down everything that's upsetting me and getting it all out on paper, and sometimes it means making a list of things I'm grateful for despite what else may be less than ideal in my life.
  • Call a friend just to talk.
  • Drive up into the mountains to look at the view/drive aimlessly around/scream in my car.
  • Scream in my car.
  • Exercise as hard as I can.
  • Read a book.
  • Listen to music
  • Light good smelling candles.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Write down everything that's stressing me out on individual pieces of paper, then burn each piece of paper.
  • Eat something. As it turns out, a great deal of me being stressed out is really from me being hangry (or maybe I'm just less able to deal with stress when I'm hungry, who knows).
  • Meditate.
  • Watch my favorite TV shows, especially the light-hearted comedy ones.