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Dear 100 Hour Board,

When I was in seminary. lo these many years ago, we watched a movie (or maybe it was a filmstrip, I can't remember) about a teenager who got run over by a car and died. As I remember it, a visitor in town attended the funeral and noticed that the friends of this teenager were not sad and despondent over his loss, but were happy. He asked them why they were so happy. They replied that this teenager had an eternal perspective and that he (or was it she?) knew where he was going when he died. They were happy for him because he'd realized his eventual goal.

Now, I may have gotten a few things wrong, but that's how I remember it. I'd really like to show this film to my Sunday School class, but I have no idea what the title was. Can you help me?

Thank you for any effort you can give me.


-Ancient Film Freddie


Dear Fred,

The time that you wanted to show this video has probably passed (I'm so sorry), but based on this list of Church films on Wikipedia, I'm guessing it's either Together Forever or On the Way Home. Those seem to be the only ones that deal with the plan of salvation and moving on in the face of death.

Also, wow, what a movie. I get that having an eternal perspective is important, and from personal experience I can say it really is helpful to remember that death isn't the end-all after a friend dies, but that doesn't erase the pain we feel when someone dies, and it certainly doesn't mean we should celebrate death when it occurs to someone young and healthy. Again from personal experience, telling someone who's grieving the death of a friend that they should just be happy doesn't make the pain any less intense, and at least for me, only made me feel guilty that I was sad. Then again, I'm probably misinterpreting the way this movie is presented, and it's probably got more of a focus on being hopeful in the face of disaster than on forcing people to be unnaturally chipper about death (at least I hope so).