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Question #91948 posted on 01/27/2019 1:40 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why did the RB stop providing towel service when you rent a locker? Now I either need to change and shower at home (carrying clothes back and forth every day) or leave a towel in a small unventilated locker ????

-Missing my daily fresh towel


Dear Fresh,

This is just purely speculative, but I'm guessing it was either a matter of space, or money.

Recently the RB pool underwent some innovations, and it's possible that in redoing the pool and locker rooms, that the space taken up by both the towel service room and washing facilities was given up for something else.

My other guess is money. The RB operates from 6 am to 10 pm Monday through Saturday which works out to 96 hours a week. Let's assume that the towel service area was attended by one person. With the men's and women's locker room that means 192 employee hours that BYU would have to pay. Someone also has to wash the towels, which has both labor and material cost. So let's estimate another 8 hours of work a week and maybe $100 a week on water, electricity, and laundry soap. If the employees were getting payed minimum wage at 7.25, the total weekly cost for maintaining towel service would work out to $1550/week. If we multiply that out by 50 weeks (between holidays the RB is probably closed about 2 weeks a year) and we end up with an annual cost of $77,550. As convenient as that towel service is, that's a pretty penny.

Again, this is all speculative. If any readers happen to know about the deep inner workings of BYU please feel to drop a correction.